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FIDIA ACADEMY AWC is a comprehensive suite of education and training materials that support wound experts in the delivery of patient care worldwide.
We offer informative materials and learning opportunities with local and international experts.

Fidia Academy

    FIDIA is committed to encourage the concept of sharing clinical experiences and knowledge among professionals in the Wound Care community. Check out a list of the Webinars organized by Fidia and watch the podcasts by clicking on links below.

    As a major component of the extracellular matrix and found in high concentrations in the epidermis, HA is considered one of the key players in the tissue regeneration process.

    Today, Regenerative Medicine, more specifically Autologous Biological Therapy, offers a new promising treatment alternative for non-healing wounds

    FIDIA AWC NEWSLETTERS, twice yearly, are addressed to all wound experts and professionals who want to stay informed about the latest contents and news on Fidia’s Advanced Wound Care solutions.

    Discover what wound experts think and say about our technologies and solutions in Advanced Wound Care.

    Fidia is keen to collaborate with physicians, wound experts, researchers and students on scientific/clinical projects in Wound Care.


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